A remnant of the beginnings of research on alternative energies in Quebec, this 110-meter-tall giant was an important step in the development of wind power. Located in the beautiful municipality of Cap-Chat, Gaspésie.

Built in the mid-1980s, Éole is the tallest vertical-axis wind turbine in the world. Shut down in 1993, it no longer produces electricity and is accessible to the public for tours.



A new young and dynamic management team has been in place since 2019, bringing together diversified experiences. The ambitions are high for this major project, and what was almost abandoned for a while, has since been completely upgraded and transformed.

In addition to being a place of entertainment, Projet Éole aims to make the public aware of the story of wind energy developpement in Quebec and elsewhere in the world.

In addition to the transmission of knowledge, there is the discovery of the Éole site through various initiatives and fun activities. The site is an essential leading center for the Gaspésie tourism.